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Wired Hosting provides you with options for reselling our web hosting services to your clients.  We have two reseller programs for virtual domains, each with their own advantages to you.

Referral Program
  • This plan is for the reseller that does not wish to maintain contact with the customer
        after the initial signup.
  • Reseller must have an existing account with Wired Hosting.
  • Commission paid is 50% of the initial payment for the first two months.
  • Minimum 3 month contract is required on setup.
  • Customer is billed directly by Wired Hosting.
  • Reseller is not involved after account sign-up.
  • The reseller hosting account is credited with the appropriate amount.

    How to sign up:
    It is simple.  You can have your client fill out the order form, and in the notes field mention the referral program, and your name.  We handle all maintainence and billing of the account, and you get paid.

  • Recurring Revenue Program
  • You receive monthly revenue from your client accounts
  • 20 percent discount off the first ten sites, if you exceed 10 sites will receive an 
        additional 15 percent off each site signed up after that. For a 35 percent discount on
        each site after 10.
  • At your request we will setup your own name server.
  • Billing for all sites will be made to the reseller account.
  • Reseller must have existing account with Wired Hosting

    How to sign up:
    You must already have an exisitng account with Wired Hosting. Then fill out the order form, and in the notes field indicate that you would like to participate in the recurring revenue program.

  • Virtual Hosting Plans

    Plan 1

    Plan 2

    Plan 3

    Plan 4

    Retail Cost

    $ 12.95

    $ 14.95

    $ 23.95

    $ 29.99






    1-10 sites discount





    Your Savings

    $ 2.59

    $ 2.99

    $ 4.79

    $ 6.00

    Your Cost

    $ 10.36

    $ 11.96

    $ 19.16

    $ 23.99

    11 & up discount





    Your Savings

    $ 4.54

    $ 5.23

    $ 8.39


    Your Cost

    $ 8.41

    $ 9.72

    $ 15.56

    $ 19.49

    Refer a dedicated hosting customer to us and we'll pay you $100 cash !


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