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Wired Hosting supports web sites created with Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Microsoft® FrontPage® 2003 provides the features, flexibility, and functionality to help build better websites. It includes the professional design, authoring, data, and publishing tools to create dynamic and sophisticated sites. 

Wired Hosting's advanced Windows 2003 ASP.NET web hosting platform is perfect for Microsoft FrontPage web hosting.

FrontPage 2003 makes advances in three key areas, improving your FrontPage hosting experience.
    Frontpage design tools Designing: Enhanced design tools help produce better looking websites. New layout and graphics tools make it easier to design exactly the site you want.
    Frontpage design tools make it easier to code Coding: Design tools help generate better code. Built-in scripting tools allow you to write code faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy.
    Frontpage support XML and XSLT Extending: You can connect with information in new ways by building Extensible Markup Language (XML) data-driven sites using the first commercially available, completely WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) editor.

    Easily Design Professional-looking Web Sites
    FrontPage 2003 includes tools and layout and graphics features to help you work faster.
      frontpage templates is faster to make changes Use dynamic frontpage templates to modify entire sections of your site. By updating the master frontpage template, changes are automatically made to all pages linked to that frontpage template.
      preview your site in Frontpage before publishing Target specific browser or screen resolutions by using browser and resolution reconciliation. You can also see how your site will look in various combinations of browsers and resolutions.
      enhanced layout tools in Frontpage host Create and manipulate tables used for layout purposes, and provide pixel-precise control of your layout.
      Frontpage menus to enhance the user experience Use manipulation tools to easily work with multiple images and pieces of content that sit in the same space, and to create visual effects, such as pop-up menus.
      setup your default photo editors with Frontpage 2003 website hosting Choose which editor to use for particular content when you modify them. For example, if you gif files, you can open the files with Adobe Photoshop.

      Faster and Easier Code Generation
      The design tools in Frontpage 2003 generate efficient and clean Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and give you more control over the code. With the coding tools, you can apply your coding knowledge. With the scripting tools, you can create an interactive experience for your users.
        Frontpage 2003 supports ASP.NET controls preview FrontPage 2003 supports the preview of ASP.NET controls, enabling you to work with Microsoft Visual Studio. Preview, reposition, and resize ASP.NET controls, and use Microsoft Intellisense support for scripting to ASP.NET intrinsic controls so you can easily hook up, tailor, or even instantiate new controls.
        frontpage hosting with code view Use a split view to review modifications made in the Design View automatically updated in the Code View.
        frontpage web hosting with quick tag editor Select, modify, and manipulate tags easily using the Quick Tag Selector and Quick Tag Editor.
        code snippet library storage with frontpage 2003 Store blocks of code and insert them on pages from a library of code snippets.
        frontpage webhosting with intellisense technology Simplify code writing and make it less prone to errors with Microsoft IntelliSense technology. The technology is available for HTML, cascading style sheets, XSLT, and Microsoft ASP.NET.
        frontpage is a web authoring program Remove extraneous code generated by Microsoft Word or other Web authoring programs.

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