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download visual web developer 2005 An ideal environment for new Web developers. Visually design your Web applications, and databases
download sql server 2005 express free Easy to learn, use SQL Server 2005 Express to quickly deploy powerful web applications
SQL Server Express Management Studio Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express provides a graphical management tool for SQL Server 2005 Express
free ftp software download Use this FTP program to move your files to a web server.
asp vb script Download the vbscript library to your desktop.
access dsn odbc Download the most recent Microsoft data access components
nt server asp frontpage 2000 Set up your own local web server to test your Frontpage Webs and ASP scripts before sending them up to Wired Hosting
free internet explorer download Get the latest version of Internet Explorer here.
free netscape software download Get the latest vesion of Netscape here
free eudora mail software download Download The Eudora mail client here
free microsoft express software download Download The Outlook Express mail client here
free icq software download Download the ICQ instant messaging service
free aol instant messenger software download Download the AOL instant messaging service
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